The Importance of Laughter as Medicine

As part of one of its main goals of improving the quality of life, Human Action International and its volunteers seek to bring a touch of joy and laughter to the lives of those they come in contact with, be it adults or children, who are suffering from chronic diseases or handicapped, or families who have fled their home and have little to nothing they can call their own.

This is done through music, games and interactive workshops, where young and old are invited to participate, forget their troubles -or work through them, as the case may be- and have a moment’s laughter.

Children and War

Paul and other HAI volunteers follow the guidelines of the Teaching Recovery Training from the Children and War Foundation to identify and provide stress-relief techniques to the residents of the Al Rahma Housing Center, and give workshops directed at helping them work through war-related traumas. These workshops are musical, game- and art-based.

Would you like to come and spend a few days during your free time and bring animations to our children? We need your help, the children need you! Are you a clown, a musician, good in sports or other activity? Come donate your time!