Vocational training for displaced Syrian youth

A vocational training center is being planned to provide basic language and job skills to displaced Syrian boys and girls in an at-risk group. Participants choose between three basic vocational skills: motorcycle mechanics, electrical systems of motorcycle and car, and cellphone and laptop repairs.

The vocational training center will provide much-needed wholesome meals and a safe working environment.

In six-month workshops, taught in Arabic, the training includes daily Turkish lessons. This supports the youth’s social integration and for initial job placement. At successful completion, the vocational training supports the youths with guidance for job-placement through established contacts. As a plus, skills acquired are transferable to a potential future return to Syria.

Background on cotton-candy (barbe à papa) boy… at midnight he was still on the street until all his candy was sold. It’s his job to support himself and his family. That evening, the House Managers of Rahma bought all the boy’s remaining stock of cotton candy and drove him home.