Trauma Abatement and Mobility Needs

Since its creation, HAI has performed for groups of families caught in transition from war zones and the path to a new life. Our organisation has delivered as well, over 1,000 wheelchairs and form of walking aids to young and old alike. Often operating in cooperation with rural hospital. Our mission has supported institutions in South America, continental Europe and Asia with medical supplies absolutely free of charge.

Trauma Abatement

As part of one of its main goals of improving the quality of life, Human Action International and its volunteers seek to bring a touch of joy and laughter to the lives of those they come in contact with. Be it adults or children, we look after families who have been forced to flee their home and and are attempting to integrate while having little they can call their own. Those who are suffering from chronic disease or handicap have received support through one of HAI’s specialised training in “Teaching Recovery Training”. The seemingly simple acts of performing music, conducting games and interactive workshops, can help young and old to forget their troubles (or work through them). Healing can start from a moment’s laughter.

The guidelines of the “Teaching Recovery Training” from the Children and War Foundation help HAI volunteers identify and provide stress-relief techniques to the residents of the Rahma Residential Centers. We have given workshops that can help directly in the abatement of war-related traumas. These workshops use live musical, amusement and art-oriented methods.


Since its creation, HAI has delivered over 700 wheelchairs and walking aids to individuals, young and old alike, and has cooperated with over 20 rural hospitals and public institutions in South America, continental Europe and Asia providing an assortment of medical supplies absolutely free of charge.